In partnership with Fuji Xerox, Ultimate IT is proud to offer our clients the frontline in video conferencing products with the newline Unified Collaborative Display Series!

Designed for modern day collaboration and interaction requirements, the UCD is an all-inclusive integrated interactive display that consolidates all your traditional meeting devices (projector, webcam, microphone, whiteboard) into one smart, convenient, and advanced solution with remote real-time collaboration, wireless connection, and smooth meeting processes, providing your organisation with an efficient and effective video conferencing experience.

As people start to return to the office, they no longer sit at a desk, preferring to conduct local meetings which often are connected to remote participants through a certain type of video conference platform such as Zoom, Teams, Webex Hangout.

The Unified Collaboration Display (UCD) combines camera, microphone and touch screen in one display. With the mobile stand option, it allows a meeting or video conferencing to be held anytime, anywhere, transforming any huddle space into meeting room without any renovation required, allowing companies to save on meeting room spaces

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Smart Meeting Room Image Inverted Colours

·       Full 4K HD face-to-face camera for high picture quality and adjustable for meetings in all room sizes

·       Far reaching array microphone of up to 8 metres with noise reduction and echo cancellation capabilities

·       Highly sensitive and accurate Infrared Touch Technology that supports up to 20 touch points, providing an intuitive and smooth operating experience.

·       Improved annotation capabilities for a smart and convenient user experience, able to erase written contents with a simple five-fingered hand gesture.

·       A digital Whiteboard application that supports simultaneous writing and allows you to add chart, figures, and other media files directly from your e-mail or even your mobile phone!   

·       Special blue light filtering coating that effectively blocks 80% blue light, reducing harmful effects like eye fatigue without compromising image quality

·       Collaborate with your team through wireless projection of up to 4 separate devices simultaneously for instant and easy interaction, with compatibility across Windows/Mac/iOS/Android devices.