Backup & Restore

Ultimate Backup, Storage and Disaster Recovery services provide a variety of real-time automated disk remote backup, disk imaging, file level remote backup and bare metal restore for Windows servers and workstations. Unlike conventional file-based only products, our service creates an image of the entire system state – including operating system, business applications, user settings, drivers and data – giving our engineers the framework to completely rebuild a downed system in less than an hour.

Features and Benefits

We offer completely integrated solutions that protect all Windows servers and workstations in a distributed IT environment. Benefits include: –

Typical backup cycles available
    • Full or incremental backups can be scheduled regularly or on demand
    • Incremental backups are conducted efficiently on reliable disk media, shortening the backup cycle dramatically
    • Automatic discovery technology ensures that all systems on the network are reliably backed up, leaving no systems and no data unprotected
    • Our service works in the background without requiring a system shutdown or interruption to end users, we make sure that all servers and workstations are always available.
    • We can recover a single file, restore a crashed workstation or completely restore a system from bare metal in the event of a disaster
    • Through point-in-time imaging, we can restore any system to its latest state, including operating system, business applications, data and user settings
    • Systems can be completely restored in less than one hour, dramatically minimising downtime and helping to get employees back up and running quickly.

Services Available

Disaster Recovery Strategy

Fast Restoration of Apps and Data

Network Storage Solutions

Online Backup Management

Image Based Backup Technology

Off-site Storage Facility

Ultimate IT offers on-site and cloud-based solutions for your data storage needs at the best value for your organisation’s needs!
Our data storage solution allows for your organisation to store its data, allowing workers to access their files remotely from any location and providing the flexibility to scale in accordance with your organisation’s individual needs, increasing your long-term cost savings.

Along with regular maintenance, Ultimate IT utilises automatic discovery technology to ensure that all systems on the network are reliably backed up, leaving none of your data unprotected and granting your organisation peace of mind.

Recent studies show that most businesses that suffer data loss due to an insufficient Disaster Recovery Plan usually go out of business within 12 months. Do not become a statistic, protect your data today!

With the ever-increasing demand for information being stored on digital media, data recovery continues to be a highly sought-after service. Whether it the result of general device failure, an accidental deletion or a malicious virus, we understand the importance of information and offer experienced technical expertise when it comes to data recovery.

We offer data recovery on desktop and laptop hard disk drives, USBs, mobile phones and devices and server RAID arrays. There is even a free pick up and return service for mobile phones, with a ‘no fix, no fee’ arrangement!

Typically within 24 hours, we’ll be able to determine the exact issue with your device and offer the solution on how to recover your data – in some cases, we could possible recover the data within this time frame!


Simply provide secure access to any size network. Allow mobile workers, remote offices, business partners and customers multi-layered access to selected network applications and company information from anywhere.

ULTIMATE LinkSafe leads the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Virtual Private Network (VPN) market with a complete range remote-access services. Services have versatile and scalable features designed to meet the needs of different size companies. These range from smaller businesses that only need VPN access for remote and mobile employees to larger global deployments that must provide tiered remote and or extranet access for employees, partners and customers.

Features & Benefits
    • Remote access to the network from anywhere
    • Market-leading, single SSL VPN security platform for employee and partner remote access
    • “Clientless” access to enterprise applications and network resources enabling you to send and receive email, use your company calendar, access documents and spreadsheets, create presentations, as though you were working from the office
    • Best-in-class end-point security, granular access control, threat control and threat prevention
    • Scalable services meet the remote and extranet access requirements of any sized company
    • Highly available service with advanced redundancy


How it Works

With mobility and telecommuting becoming more popular, our hosted remote access and Virtual Office technologies allow remote collaboration and exchanging of information without the complexity of configuring complex IT setups.

Features & Benefits
  • Allows easy setup and removal of remote employees and workspace.

  • Ideal for small office / home office scenarios.

  • Provides the features of a complex enterprise with the simplicity and budget of a small business.
Site to Site VPN
Ultimate IT Service Site-to-Site VPN securely connects all your sites on the same network so you can safely share files, applications and resources among offices.

Connecting sites is simple and straightforward, allows fast enablement and secure communication with flexible options for different bandwidth and wireless 3G remote office enablement.