Security Awareness Training

Even with the most secure network available, cyberattacks are still a very real threat for businesses today. For your organisation to be prepared for any scenario, your defence must start at the front line. Recent studies show that, in over 90% of all security breaches, human error is involved. Ultimate IT’s Security Awareness Training (SAT) helps employees understand risks, identify potential attacks and arms them with the best practices to avoid and mitigate any future risks to you and your business.

Security Audits

In addition to preparing your employees, your organisation’s software and hardware systems should be analysed at regular intervals to ensure it is capable of withstanding and preventing potential cyberattacks.

Security audits are comprehensive assessments of your systems in comparison to a checklist of established standards and regulations for data security. From the physical environment and hardware to your company’s methods of collecting, sharing and storing sensitive data, we will provide an in-depth evaluation of your organisation’s security to identify where criteria is being met and any potential weaknesses within the system.

Security audits are furthermore crucial to the development of any risk assessment plans for companies that handle confidential data.

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science that encompasses the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices. Although commonly used for criminal or civil court disputes, there is a high demand for digital forensics in the private sector; particularly with intrusion investigations (an investigation to the nature and extent of unauthorised access into a network).

Ultimate IT’s qualified team offer forensic analysis services for a range of devices including hard disk drives, USBs, SIM & memory cards and all kinds of mobile phones and devices, able to retrieve and extract the information and verify it for your organisation to include as part of your internal investigation.

The IT threats facing both large and small business are too numerous to list, and technology experts agree that these threats become more sophisticated every day. There are alarming consequences to face as businesses are faced with the prospect of information and identity theft and even extortion.

Ultimate IT is currently offering a FREE Network Health Check, comprising of a range of forensic and diagnostic procedures specifically designed to identify concerns and protect information flow on any size network.

Even if you already work with a reputable IT Partner, our assessment provides an independent view on the status of your network, highlighting visibility of current network threats and system vulnerabilities.

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Ultimate IT Services background provides advanced security and design to cater for the most information sensitive environments and ensures networks are secure from intruders, network viruses, and malicious employees.

In addition to our fully managed security services on offer, our consultancy services provide flexibility and tailored options from our security professionals to combine a wealth of security experience and technologies to suit individual business needs.

Services Available

Unified Threat Management: Please see section on Unified Threat Management.

Security Consolidation and virtualisation: Reducing costs associated with existing security technologies to provide better value for money and increased security.

Firewall Design and Management: Best practise design, installation and management of firewall services.

Intrusion Prevention System: Dedicated IPS solutions providing real-time, reliable protection from network and application attacks such as worms, viruses, Trojans, DoS, DDoS, SQL injections, and other blended threats.

Proxy Server: Caching and security control of internet traffic.

Endpoint Security: Integration of industry leading anti-virus, host IPS, and other end-point security technologies to provide protection in the corporate environment.

Vulnerability Assessment and Auditing: Providing independent scans of network infrastructure to monitor and view potential network risks and remedial actions.

Wireless Security Monitoring: Wireless device control, security alerting and reporting allows wireless networks to be ongoingly monitored to detect and prevent network attacks.