Microsoft 365 & Modern Workplace

MS365 – Pro / Enterprise / etc.

Office 365 is powered by the Cloud and allows access to Microsoft applications and files from virtually anywhere and from various devices including PC, Mac and tablets. You will always have access to the latest application revisions providing automatic updates to new product features as they’re introduced.

Easily and securely share and collaborate on files with co-workers, clients and partners from virtually anywhere, utilise business-class e-mail, calendar sharing and online conferencing applications to keep people in-sync and on schedule.

Mobile apps even allow you to view and edit your Word, Excel and Powerpoint files with ease from your mobile device and saving all changes for when you return to your desk, increasing productivity and convenience.

Use DIY online tools to market your business with a public website that is easy-to-setup and maintain with exactly zero additional hosting fees, allowing your business to grow and thrive with increased cost savings to you.

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Hosted Email

There are numerous advantages in choosing a Hosted Email solution. With a Hosted solution, you receive all of the functionality of the feature rich MS Exchange environment without the investment and challenges associated with maintaining your own server infrastructure. Ultimate IT provides cost-effective premium hosting of email servers, including Microsoft Exchange and full Microsoft Outlook integration and connectivity with your organisation’s desktop and mobile devices, supporting flexible working hours and the increasing trend of remote access working.

Solutions range from basic mobile email delivery through to secure remote access to protected and encrypted information, allowing organisations to tailor it to their requirements and avoiding the complexities of mail server management, updates and upgrades. With the additional service of Ultimate SmartMail, our SPAM filtering process ensures valid email is delivered and allows thorough real-time active protection against genuine threats

Teams Collaboration

A revolutionary addition to the Microsoft suite, Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform that is truly designed for a modern workforce.

Teams allows for users to:

Customised SharePoint Projects

Microsoft SharePoint provides a platform for business to use tools that cover content management, collaboration, file location, remote working and mobile compatibility. Streamline your project’s timeline by utilising SharePoint’s range of tools to brainstorm, analyse and co-operate between teams for maximum productivity. By running on the cloud, SharePoint is vital for a mobile and remote workforce by providing users with a platform to manage files and team sites from any internet-connected device, providing users and businesses with the flexibility to use SharePoint in the best way that suits them.

Going beyond the capabilities of most content management tools, SharePoint acts as a central hub to share and collaborate on files while securing your private documents, with features including version control, access restrictions, managed metadata and retention policies, and with SharePoint’s enhanced search function, users can locate necessary documents in seconds through a combination of analytics processing, search refiners, search preview and query suggestions, a vital and time-saving feature when handling large file databases


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows anyone to make phone calls over an internet connection, an increasingly popular and definitive phone service choice for businesses with the rise of broadband and the ease of it in both set up and everyday use – if you have a working internet connection, you can make unlimited phone calls, both personal and business.

Ultimate IT provides effective and cost-saving hosted VoIP solutions, routinely monitoring and maintaining the connectivity of your VoIP servers, enhancing call quality and performance and securing your calls through advanced encryption software and all for a fixed service fee.

VoIP can also include a range of sophisticated call management features not available with a standard phone service, including routing and screening calls, an auto attendant, custom caller ID, extension numbers, voicemail (including voicemail to text or e-mail) and voice conferencing, and clients can customise their plans to be tailored to their requirements.