Consulting Services

We understand that every business has different technology needs, so we provide a comprehensive range of support options to keep your business systems running smoothly and help you cope with, reduce and even eliminate those inevitable technology glitches. 

Our service level agreements offer immediate 24/7 Emergency Support and a same-day guaranteed response time of four (4) hours for remote and or onsite services. 

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure we exceed client expectations with our Service Help Desk and Field Services Team providing exceptional levels of service. 

We’re fast, we’re flexible and we’re here to help.

Block Hours Support

If you’re not sure how much support you need, you can purchase it in blocks of time.

  • Flexible number of technical support hours
  • Access to priority service response times
  • Discounted rate, less expensive than on-call support

In-House Support

If you would like your own in-house engineer, but don’t want to support, train and manage your own department, we can place one of our highly skilled technicians on your site. We select an engineer particularly suited to your IT needs and budget and also familiarise other engineers (as a backup resource) to assure you continuous support with your network environment. Benefits include: –

  • Fixed monthly fee
  • All the advantages of an in-house engineer without the administrative overhead
  • Access to a variety of skilled resources that are always across your technology needs
  • Additional personnel (team) available provide non-stop support (no more support holes for staff training, sick leave, annual leave, etc.)

Monthly Fixed Support

If you know how much support you need, you can contract with us for the same level of service and support every month. Benefits include: –

  • A fixed monthly fee
  • Pre-scheduled number of technical support hours
  • Access to priority service response times
  • Discounted rates, less expensive than on-call support

Ultimate IT provides complete and secure on-site and remote support for the management and maintenance for Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). Network management services consists of various specialised individual services, tailored to your business needs, such as user administration, device & network monitoring, regular status reporting and the implementation of upgrades/patches.

We are available 24 hours a day with our monitoring services because we know that anything can go wrong no matter what the time. We identify the issues and rectify and resolve them –we monitor services 24/7 but we don’t necessarily resolve them 24/7 so that your business does not have to deal with any down-time. Whether it is reduction of overhead costs or the ability to maintain smoothness of operations, our networking services will certainly be an advantage.

  • Data Centre, Comms Room, and Office Relocations
  • Ethernet & Fibre Links
  • Design and Consultation
  • Voice and Data Connectivity
  • Patching Management Software
  • Wireless LAN
  • Laser Links
  • CCTV Cabling Systems/IP Cameras
  • Moves and Changes (MACS) & Fault Alterations
  • Complete Comms Room Audit Service
  • SOE & Standard Desktop rollouts
Network Installation, Upgrades & Relocation

We can also manage your move!

Office relocations can be a daunting, expensive, and time-consuming task as most companies depend on their IT network and specifically their communications links to effectively operate their business: timelines and budgets must be regularly monitored, vendors and contractors must be managed and held accountable, internal staff must be advised on their responsibilities without disruption to their regular daily activities, and documentation for the new space must be created and distributed. Seamless relocation of all network components must be properly planned, scheduled, and managed to avoid even one day of unscheduled, costly downtime.

Our relocation management services recognise that relocating an office is a constantly changing process and take the relocation of communications and network equipment very seriously, dedicated to effectively managing select components of this process, or deliver it end to end.

      • We plan, backup, schedule and manage every relocation
      • We relocate all devices and ensure connectivity on the new site.
      • We provide our clients with complete documentation on completion

We assess current usage at existing locations and with our clients to provide the most appropriate communications services for their business, diligently ensuring all physical links are in place and that services across these links are properly activated, and effectively dedicating the time to align with all carriers to guarantee successful service delivery.

Cable Infrastructure

Appropriate planning is essential when considering the challenge of the build-out of a new office space and our clients benefit from a team that is dedicated to delivering complete and efficient solutions. We work with our clients to plan and provide the most efficient and scalable cable infrastructure possible, considering components like patch panels, server rooms with proper security, ventilation, and power requirements.


Reliable communication with customers, suppliers and staff is crucial to the operation of most businesses. We adopt a consultative approach, working with your organisation to determine what telephony solution will provide the best functionality, scalability and value for your business. We will assist with facilitating a smooth transition to upgraded phone systems if required as well as work closely with the existing phone vendors to schedule relocation and ensure a seamless transfer of existing systems.

The Ultimate Support and Professional Services team provides end to end infrastructure solutions for smaller, medium and enterprise clients. Essentially, we design, build and implement IT infrastructure and offer a comprehensive range of services to suit individual needs. Our services maximise return on your technology investment by extending the lifecycle of your valuable systems. We offer a range of management services, tailored to your business’ individual needs, including:
  • Vendor Management
  • We adopt the role of client agent and act on behalf of our clients to address and resolve Information Communication and Technology (ICT) issues and problems associated with their vendors. Our experience and thorough understanding of ICT puts us in good stead to isolate any issues that arise and discuss these directly with the vendor’s to facilitate a prompt resolution.

  • Project Delivery & Support
  • A project is described as a significant change to an environment such as a migration, upgrade, and move, implementation of a new technology or anything that requires assessing, planning, management, execution and post implementation. Projects are viewed as a separate proposal and are managed on an individual basis. Please contact us directly to discuss any requirement; we would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

  • Remote Support
  • Our support help desk has a remote support service that allows us to provide fast and efficient response to most support issues. As a virtual administrator we can securely remote control a desktop to promptly diagnose and resolve most issues. If further action is required, on-site support engineers are available to ensure any issues are quickly resolved. We offer this service on a time and materials basis to existing clients and under a fixed price arrangement tailored to suit most budgets.

In partnership with Fuji Xerox, Ultimate IT is proud to offer our clients the frontline in video conferencing products with the newline PTC/VNC/RSC Series! Designed for modern day collaboration and interaction requirements, the PTC/VNC/RSC series is an all-inclusive integrated interactive display that consolidates all your traditional meeting devices (projector, webcam, microphone, whiteboard) into one smart, convenient, and advanced solution with remote real-time collaboration, wireless connection, and smooth meeting processes, providing your organisation with an efficient and effective video conferencing experience.
  • Two full HD face-to-face cameras with 4K and 2K resolution for high picture quality and adjustable for meetings in all room sizes
  • An array microphone with a range of up to 8 metres with noise reduction and echo cancellation capabilities
  • Highly sensitive and accurate Infrared Touch Technology that supports up to 20 touch points, providing an intuitive and smooth operating experience.
  • Improved annotation capabilities for a smart and convenient user experience, able to erase written contents with a simple five-fingered hand gesture.
  • A digital Whiteboard application that supports simultaneous writing and allows you to add chart, figures, and other media files directly from your e-mail or even your mobile phone!
  • Special blue light filtering coating that effectively blocks 80% blue light, reducing harmful effects like eye fatigue without compromising image quality
  • Collaborate with your team through wireless projection of up to 4 separate devices simultaneously for instant and easy interaction, with compatibility across Windows/Mac/iOS/Android devices.