“We like to think that we are a progressive and dynamic accounting practice that embraces technology. We devote a lot of our efforts in sourcing and implementing new systems to achieve greater efficiencies, this is an ever-evolving process. I say a lot of our effort because Ultimate iT, our partner in this process manages our Hardware and Cloud based platform requirements, allowing us to dedicate our efforts to our core business.”

“We us Ultimate IT to manage our existing servers, our email, security and back up procedures; they are the first point of call to all staff on the rare occasion that there is an issue.”

“As the principal of the practice I used to dedicate at least two hours a week on Hardware or Network issues, having Ultimate IT working in the background and providing the backbone to our business has been a life changer.”

“We have found Gary and his staff to be knowledgeable, prompt and service orientated. We highly recommend Ultimate IT as people you can trust.”